Monday, January 30, 2012

The Kettlebell Progression

If somebody were to ask me what my favorite power lift was, I'd reply Clean & Jerks and if somebody were to ask me what my favorite endurance movement was, hands down, it'd be the kettlebell. 

It took a while for me to warm up to the Clean & Jerk, but from day 1, I was in love with the kettlebell.  Can't really explain it, but it was love at first swing!  Before Crossfit I had never picked up a KB, but I'm really glad that I did.  If I could, I would kettlebell swing all day. 

Back in April of 2011, I started with the iddy biddy baby KB, the 8kg or about 17.5 lbs and as of this past Saturday, I am now swinging the 1.5 "pood" or just over 52lbs.  

That KB is bigger than my head!
I've danced around the possibility that I was ready to use the 1.5 pood in the WODs, but Saturday's cash out was a clear indicator that I will no longer use the 1 pood.  I did 22 unbroken KB swings and honestly, if I had properly chalked my hands, I believe I could have at least gotten to 30.  Just another awesome way you can monitor your progress here at Crossfit610. 

And here are some other fun kettlebell things:

that's like a what, 2 pood?
KB Necklace, key chain, bracelet, so cute!!


Ran 3 Miles


30 Ring Dips (pb)
30 Box Jumps (24)
30 Thrusters (55lbs)
30 Ab mat Sit Ups
30 DU
30 Calories (row)



5.5 Miles Run in 55:38


5 Rounds
250 Meter Spring
10 Slam Balls (20lbs)

3 minutes rest

Over the Box Jump (20)
Burpee Pull Ups (jumping)


Friday, January 27, 2012

When is it OK to Cheat?

The "right" answer to that question is:  Never.  It's never ok to cheat. 

You can apply that to anything.  Relationships, tests, contests, games.  But what about when you are dieting?  Same rules apply? 

Now into my 10th month of Crossfitting and my 6th week of training for a half marathon, I think I've become a victim of:

"I worked really hard in the gym and my run today, it's ok if I cheat on my diet a little." 

Here are the main issues:

1. My appetite has gone through the roof.  I've used the word ravenous more this week than I have my entire life combined.  When I'm ravenous, its difficult to walk past the box of donuts in the office or drive by that fast food place that I have a coupon for without stopping to eat.  Reason for ravenous appetite lately?  Has to be the Running.  I'm clocking in no less than 10 miles per week in ADDITION to my normal Crossfit WODs. 

Solution?  Feed the hunger, but with healthy/paleo foods.  As much effort as it is, I have to arm myself at the work place with lots and lots of paleo foods to keep me from giving in to that stupid box of donuts.  I also keep a nalgene bottle right next to my computer to keep myself hydrated and sometimes to get through the hunger. 

2. I don't think I'm realizing how often I'm saying, ok just this once, I'll have a cheat item.  It's easy to do, and unless you are keeping a food journal (which I used to do, but again, it gets very labor intensive) I very well could be cheating once or twice a day and not even realizing it. 

Solution?  Cheat free day counter.  Have you ever gone to a place of work and seen a sign similar to the one pictures above?  These always used to crack me up.  I would frequent a discount store to visit a friend and get a glimpse of their accident free sign.  Not once did I EVER see it above 10 days.  So I think I'm going to try this system out rather than keeping a food log.  

In order to do this, I have to define what a cheat is.  As luck would have it, this really easy to follow chart has been circulating Facebook and I think it will be a perfect way for me to determine what is considered a cheat and what is not.  


How many days do you think I can get my cheat free counter up to until I cheat?  5, 10, 30?!  Should be interesting to see!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Want Results, Dammit!

I am so happy to welcome Dennis back home tonight!  He has been away since Monday for work and I've missed him so much (hard to believe right!? LOL).   

I'm the Blue dot, Dennis the Purple dot

(and YES Dennis and I have an app that tracks each other's where abouts)

Despite the lack of workout buddy, I've kept myself pretty busy and on track with both my WODing and Running.  With an added bonus, going to bed WAY earlier than normal.  Going to bed early makes all the difference when you are going to the 6am WOD.  It's easier to get out of bed, and I feel more awake when I'm there. 

With my ever busy week, I have to strategically plan my WODs and runs.  If I have after work plans, I would WOD in the morning and on the days that I don't have plans I run after work, or if I can fit them in, before my plans.  It takes a little bit of juggling, but it's possible. 

I'm starting to get a bit anxious to see more results in my figure because I ordered a new baithing suit for March and stupid me tried it on.  And of course, I wasn't happy. 

My arms, shoulders, and legs are great! No complaints, in fact my arms and shoulders have never looked this good, but there is one problem area that just doesn't want to go away. 

Now before I get tooooooooo upset, I have to go back to my before and after pictures and remember how far I've come and just have the patience and know that with continued hard work and dedication, I will see the results I want.  I still have a good two months to get rid of this extra belly fat. 

I'll be taking a new set of pictures at the end of March and hopefully they will show positive differences from the set of pictures I look in January.  I was curious about my weight number this morning (even though the number is somewhat irrelevant) I clocked in at 152.8.  Not to shabby.  I'd LIKE to be back in the 140's but again, if I continue to build muscle and burn fat, I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to tip the scale. 

What ways besides the scale do you track your progress?  Pictures, how much weight you can move on a bar, measurements, clothes fitting? 


Glorious, glorious rest day


50 Turkish Get Ups for Time
10:35 using 15lbs


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When un-EGG-spected Things Happen

For whatever reason this week so far (yes I know it's only Tuesday) has been very challenging for me not only physically, but mentally as well. 

On Sunday I went for my longest run in 2012 which I blogged about, which was a challenge, and when I was boiling my eggs for the week, I forgot about them and I literally burnt hard boiled eggs.  One even exploded!


The next morning I had to drop my husband off at the airport.  He was leaving me for the better half of the week for work.  It was cold, snowy, and I was really sad saying goodbye to him.  I love him and I know that I will miss him.

After work I decided to go to Crossfit instead of running (the weather was super crappy) and mentally I wasn't there.  I did the strength which required lots of math and I keep messing up my calculations.  Before the WOD even started I was irritated and wanted to cry. 

Then I did the WOD.  I was going to wimp out and use a lighter weight, I was already defeated, but as always, Trainer Molly pushed me to add 20lbs to my bar and even though I was slower, I made it through. 
Then something expected but unexpected happened. 

Trainer Molly announced that she was leaving Crossfit610 to go be with her husband at Crossfit King of the Beach on Long Island.  And the kicker: She was leaving this weekend. 

"Insert record scratching sound"

We all knew that this was coming eventually, but nobody really knew when.  When the words finally came out of her mouth, it took all of me to hold back my tears.  I didn't want to make a big thing about it in front of Trainer Molly, because lets face it, it's hard on her too, but ultimately its the right move for her.

I can't imagine living away from my husband as long as she did.

After talking to my friend about it on the phone at the risk of sounding crazy..."I'm so upset my trainer is leaving" I started to realize how, like most things you don't realize what you have until they are gone. 

The level of sadness I felt knowing that Trainer Molly was leaving really got to me.  Do normal people cry when their personal trainers move on or was Molly that much a part of my Crossfit experience?  This is how Dennis must have felt when Mike left, and it plain out sucked.  The term personal trainer kept echoing in my brain.  It was VERY personal.  Trainer Molly knew me from day 1 of my crossfit journey, and over the last 9 months, I've seen her on a consistent basis.  I've probably seen her more than I've seen 80% of my friends.  And as I grew as a Crossfitter and as we got to know each other, she knew when I need to take weight off, or add weight to a bar.  She knew when to tell me to keep moving and most importantly, she had become my friend. 

I suddenly thought back to the show "The Biggest Loser' episode when contestants had been training with specific trainers and then suddenly they had to pick new ones.  They all got emotional about it and were visibly upset and pissed about the change.  I sat there and commented that they shouldn't be so upset about the switch and they should "get over it."  I was wrong and I now get it.

So with all attempts of not being selfish and wanting Molly to stay at 610 forever, I wish you the best of luck at Crossfit King of the Beach and I will be happy for you and Mike finally living like a normal husband/wife. 

The two of you have changed Dennis and I for the better, for life, and we deeply appreciate all that you've done.  We hope that we've made you proud with all our crossfit accomplishments thus far. 

Even though we won't have you in our Crossfit classes, we will take everything you've taught up and continue to improve....and oh yeah, you better come visit us.  I can't say it enough, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


1 Back Squat @ 85% every 30 seconds for 6 minutes 135lbs

Shoulder Press AMRAP @ 65%, 75%, 85%, 95% = 20 + 7 + 4 + 2


4 Rounds:
5 Front Squats (85lbs)
8 Strict Pull Ups (GB)
40 DU



Squat Clean 8 x 1 = 1 RM @ 100lbs (PR!)


5 minute AMRAP Squat C & J @ 85lbs


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Working for a Weather Company and eventually marrying a meteorologist, weather has always been a hot topic.

On Friday, I knew there was going to be some snow over the weekend and possibly ruining my running plans. I am now regretting selling my treadmill and quitting LA Fitness for this very reason.

Ok did I just type that? Having a treadmill, I agree is convenient, but when it comes to preparing for a race isn't all that helpful. Nothing is better than real outside running.

The nice thing about getting a WOD in on Saturday afternoon was we were able to hit the slopes for a couple hours Saturday night which is certainly a good leg workout in itself.

So there I was, cozy in my pajamas on a nice lazy Sunday when I decide to go outside and brave the snowy conditions for my longest run to date.

After getting as warm as I was going to get, it wasn't too terrible. I mean yes it was cold, the paths weren't completely clear, and my shoulders were exceptionally sore, but nothing really I could use as a good excuse. I got through the first 3.5 miles with little effort and the last mile and a half I mentally had to convince myself I could do it.

And I did.

Five miles was very challenging and I'm glad I didn't walk one step of it but I now see how hard running these races are going to be.

5 mile run in 49:06

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hypothetical Hangover

Completely hypothetical situation:

It's Friday and you have plans to go to a party at 7:00pm.  Your boss let you out of work an hour early and now you have a head start on the weekend.  Smart thing to do, use that extra hour to get your run in, then get ready for the night's festivities.  

Despite the cold, you REALLY don't want to run, and basically throwing a mini fit about having to run, a voice of reason talks you into just going and getting it over with.  You angerly put on your running clothes and run a good 3 miles in 29:03 (hypothetically). DONE. And unknowingly, you motivate somebody else to do the same.  

Hypothetically, you get dressed to go to the gym, but this time instead of workout clothes, you wear jeans because the party is actually at your gym.  Which by the way, seeing fellow gym buddies in civilian clothes rather than workout clothes was slightly amusing.  

Then it gets a bit fuzzy.......

First casual pong....then butt tests.....more beer pong....and suddenly you are almost 10 beers deep.  And for you, that is WAY too many beers.  

The party is over and you get home, only to realize that you left your house keys that were attached to the bottle opener at the gym. UGH.  While your husband tries to break into the house, you think that standing at the door and repeatedly pushing the door bell will help (which by the way, does not).  

In a drunken stooper you suddenly realize what is going to happen and make your way into the bathroom and the race between sleep and puke is now on.  Sadly you know who is going to win this race, and when its over you fall asleep on the bathroom floor, but not without updating your status one last time to "suck it."  

Ok readers, I need to come clean, believe it or not, this is not hypothetical at all. 

When I woke up this morning, I felt really crappy and slightly hungover.  The only cure?  Water and time.  Instead of wasting the day, I got up, cooked a delicious meal and prepared to go to the open gym.  Perfect opportunity to do my Asshole WOD.  

Obviously I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I added 20lbs the "Grace" and I spent some time working on my unassisted pull ups.  I think out of all my attempts I got one, but until I am 100% sure, I am going to save the celebrating.  

I hope everybody has a great weekend and enjoys the snow!!  Thanks again Mike and Molly for having the Crossfit party, I had a really fun time!!!!


30 Clean & Jerks (85lbs)


Worked on unassisted pull ups

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Running Report Card

I don't want to lose sight of my New Year's resolutions and as quick as only 18 days into January, I feel like I need a check up.

Goal #1:  Successfully complete a 10k, a 10 miler, and a half marathon. 

Goal #2:  To be Bikini ready by my trip. 

Goal #3:  Only eat two blocks of fruit per day and it must be before noon.  All other Carb blocks will be vegetables. 

I'm going to start from the bottom up (Molly did you like that reference to my most hated Crossfit song?). 

Goal #3:  So far:  Average to below average rating.  I have reduced the amount of fruit I have been eating, all of it before noon, BUT I have not increased the amount of vegetables.  I need to find some good ideas for snacks that are made of veggies.  Any ideas readers?

Goal #2:  So far:  Average to slightly above average.  I have been good about making trips to the gym, running, and my diet has been just ok.  I've had some cheats here and there, usually beer, or the occasional carb from a non fruit or veggie.  I am starting to see some upper ab lines form, but I still have a long way to go.  Time is ticking!

Goal #1:  So far:  Excellent to slightly below excellent.  I have signed up for each of the listed distance races and I have been 98% true to my workout schedule.  I was really nervous about week four (the most likely time I would quit) but I'm halfway through week 5 and I've never felt better about my running. 

I was hesitant about posting my speeds, mostly because they were  horrible, but as run more and more, I am getting faster and faster.  Note: I do not care what my times are for the races, completion is the goal here. 

Some of the Runs were done AFTER Crossfit...Jan 13th cough cough

How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions thus far?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Made the List!

This week is getting away from me quickly because of the hectic weekend.  I was completely useless on Sunday and made an excutive decision to take an unscheduled rest day.  This of course, shifts my entire week.

I knew I had to get my normal long run in on Monday and surprisingly the run felt great.  I didn't get tired until mile 4, making the last half mile challenging, but overal my pace was decent. 

Tuesday I went to Crossfit after work and to my dismay, I had been put on the asshole list! 

Bottom Right in Red
The asshole list is a running list of people that did something that is frowned upon at Crossfit.  Typically in a globo gym they have rules like: wipe off your machine, dont drop the weights, dont use chalk, no blasting music, etc.  We don't have those rules, but we pretty much have a code.  Basically if you use a piece of equipment, put it back, clean up after yourself.  Don't cherry pick your work outs, count your reps, and anything else that would deem you an asshole. 

Well, the other day, apparently I forgot to put away my hat and gloves I was using during an extremely cold run, and there I was, on the asshole list! 

My punishment: 30 Clean and Jerks at 85lbs while listening to my most hated Crossfit workout song, Bottoms Up.  Very clever Mike.  Very clever.  So until I complete my 30 C&J's, I shall remain on the asshole list. 


4.5 Mile Run in 46:09


2k Row 8:28 (not my finest performance)


5 Rounds
12 One Handed DB Snatch (15lbs)
12 T2B
12 Burpees


Cash Out: 1 Minute of War Ropes

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who Am I to Judge?

With less than a year of Crossfit under my belt, I decided that instead of competing in the 2nd Annual PA's Fittest, I would get my Judge Certification and judge the event.  Not going to lie, I was a little nervous.  The certification process was cake and I, along with everybody else, passed with flying colors and ready for the event the next day. 

The main reason for having judges is to make sure that each athlete completes the crossfit movement to their standards.  For example, making sure the athlete gets enough depth on a squat, their chin is above the bar for pull ups, and if they don't you get to yell "NO REP."

Dennis and I used to joke about how funny it was to No Rep people when we watched the Crossfit games on ESPN.  After working the event, I can assure you "No Repping" people was not funny at all, ever. 

I took my role as a judge quite serious (as some of my fellow box mates noticed and joked about) and when I saw something was not done to the standards I no repped them. 

Some athletes took it with stride, and some simply got furious with me.  I always explained why the no rep was given and stood my ground, I even no repped a few Crossfit friends when warranted.  

It was a good experience to watch and judge all the competing athletes but at the end I was mentally exhausted.  


Standing for 12 hours counting REPS 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mental & Physical Rest Day

Today I had a stressful day.  Locked into my training program, and with a busy weekend ahead I should have gone to Crossfit and ran 2 miles.  But physically I needed a rest.  My body was aching and I honestly couldn't remember my last rest day without going though my blog. 

There is a saying on Crossfit610's wall, Over training is for the weak, Resting is for the Strong, and Recovery is for the Elite.  I have to remember that rest days are just as important as the workouts themselves.  Even if I took an unplanned rest day, I will still be able to stay on track.

After having a mini melt down about this, I saw the above picture on facebook and it literally brought me to tears.  Especially the last line.  My good friends that are non crossfitters think I am insane but I always tell them they are just as capable of doing the things I do!  I stand by the fact that I am an ordinary person doing extraordinary things (in the gym).   

Thursday: REST DAY

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let's Talk Protein and Goal #3

Never in a million years did I think I would ever be "lifting weights" and in my entire workout career, I had never drank a protein shake.  I associated protein shakes with muscle heads and on a side note, they taste gross.  Then something magical happened.......

  As my Crossfit career grew, so did my need for something for my poor broken muscles after a WOD.  Reformed Fatty aka my Husband has let me tried his variety of protein shake flavors and I could barely stand the smell of them.  LUCKILY I stumbled upon Arbonne Protein and it was love ever since.

This Whey-less protein is not only great for my muscles post workout, but it tastes like a delicious chocolate milkshake.  I honestly believe drinking one of these curbs my cravings for desserts.  And look at my color coordinated drinking bottles I have to go with it!


I have finally decided on my third and possibly final goal for 2012.  (I am going to have to revise my 2nd Goal after my trip) But I'm pretty sure about this one.  I have come a long way with my eating habits, but there is just one more thing I would like to tweak.  I want to eat more vegetables and less fruit.  I know it sounds a little picky, but I know that fruits are high in sugar and carbs.  I think that if I cut my fruit intake to 2 serverings per day (before noon) and replace the rest of my carb blocks of the day with veggies, my progress in shaping my body will increase.

Goal #3:  Only eat two blocks of fruit per day and it must be before noon.  All other Carb blocks will be vegetables. 


3 Mile Run (29:32)


8x1 Squat Snatch @ 50% = 45lbs

30 Snatches for Time

4:45 @ 70lbs


Monday, January 9, 2012

1st Girl of 2012 and I Did Her RX'd

Welcome to my 4th Week of my 10k Training!  I am excited to start this new week and I've never felt more confidant about finishing this training schedule than ever before.

With today being Monday, I only had to Crossfit today, and lately Dennis and I have been really great about making the 6am class.  I made sure to go to bed early on Sunday, and just like magic we were ready to start the workout week bright and early. 

Now keep in mind that this training schedule has me running about every other day, and then cross training in between, plus a rest day, and then one horrible day when I have to do both running and crossfit. 

When I saw today's WOD, I couldn't help but laugh.

5 Rounds
400 Meter Run
15 Over Head Squats

Seriously......a 1.25 mile run broken up into 5 Rounds....THIS IS MY NO RUNNING DAY!!!  And with Over Head Squats being one of my least favorite lifts, I was not happy. 

I was a little apprehensive choosing my OHS weight.  15 Reps was a lot, and I think the most I've done was 55lbs.  So that was my choice.  When I loaded my bar, Dennis gave me that, "c'mon, you can do more" look and clearly trainer Molly was in the same mind set, because she so nicely added 10lbs making it 65lbs (which was prescribed for women). 

It took me longer to do the WOD, but at the end I was happy I started of 2012 with a RX'd Girl. 

yes,yes I know my elbows are VERY double jointed...

7 x 3 Back Squat
85% 1 Max Rep

I did 115lbs I wasn't sure what my 1 rep max was

5 Rounds
400 Meter Run
15 OHS

Sub 25....Cant remember the Official time


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Row Dreams & New View on Food

Unquestionably, I am one of the stronger girl rowers at 610.  I am in 2nd place for the 500 meter row and 3rd place for the 5,000 meter row.  I was very excited on Thursday night to see that Friday's WOD included a 2,000 meter row for time.  

At last, my chance to get my name up on the board for another event.  

I attended the 6am class and was very excited for the row.  3-2-1 go!  I finished in 8:24:7, and I was hopeful and slightly confident that I was going to place.  Turns out, I only showed.  (You know you like that horse racing terminology).  

For those of you who do not bet on the ponies, I came in 4th.  I was extremely impressed with the 3 other ladies that rowed faster than me and even though I was hoping to make the top three, I simply saw it as something to shoot for next time we have a 2k for time.  

I am also very happy to report that today, I have completed my third week of training for my 10k race.  I have been loyal to both Hal Higdon and Crossfit610.  And I am adding another person to my "fit" life.  Rachel Ray.  Ever since I've been capable to cook for myself, I have LOVED Rachel's foods. Since going paleo, I completely discarded the thought that any of her recipes could be paleo friendly until one day, I was flipping through and noticed that I removed only a few things (mostly cheese and bread) I could find 1 in 5 foods that I could still make.  

This is the first book I'm going to work through because her express lane meals are significantly easier than her typical meals and there is more of a chance of me finding something that will work with my constraints.  

Once I figure out how, I will add a recipe section to the blog of meals I've tried and liked!  


2,000 Meter Row for Time

10 Minute AMRAP
50 Kettlebell Swings (Buy In) 16KG
5 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Purple Band)
10 Hand Stand Push Ups (2 Abb Matts)
15 Front Squats (65lbs)


Extra Credit : Ran 2 Miles


Run 1 Mile
21 Clean & Jerks (85lbs)
Run 1/2 Mile
21 Clean & Jerks (85lbs)
Run 1 Mile



Ran 4 Miles

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goal #2

I've been very cautious about setting my 2012 goals, but like a ton of bricks this morning Goal #2 hit me. 

In 73 days I will be in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Hotel.  Since the weather here where I live has been less than warm, the thought of putting on a baithing suit hasn't even crossed my mind.  We are already in January and March will be here in no time. 

So here it is in writing, Goal #2: To be Bikini ready by my trip. 

Immediately after typing that goal, I started doing some research on the area.  The first thing I checked was to see if there is a box in the Bahamas.  Nope.  There is one that is trying to get started, but no box that is currently open already. 

Then I checked the resort to see what type of fitness center they have.  It looks absolutely amazing!  I saw some rowers, which is good, and then I saw you have to pay a daily fee of $15 per day!!!!  WOW.  I feel like that is a bit steep and completely unfair.  If worst came to worst, I will pay the daily fee, but I think I have some good solutions to keep me fit over vacation without breaking the bank.

1.  I will pack my trusty jump rope, abb matt, and my JournalMENU which has an entire section of Traveling/At Home WODS. 

2. I can run on the beach or around the resort.  I am mainly worried about the running situation because I am the type of runner that will lose all endurance if I stop for an extended amount of time. 

Wow....this kinda sounds like I am not making any excuses.......

So until that warm vacation, I will enjoy the cold weather as best I can, the only way I know how.....snowboarding!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Excuses & 2012 Goal #1

I watched The Biggest Loser yesterday and I am very much in love with their theme this season, "No Excuses!" 

Excuses are things that people use and make up to justify not doing something, typically when it comes to working out and/or dieting. 

NORMALLY when I sign up for running events I say I am going to train and then I make up excuses.  But not this time.  Here is my training schedule leading up to my 10k and then my 10 Miler. 

So far, I have gone 2.5 weeks without making any excuses.  I ran outside, in the cold, in the dark, in the rain, alone, and even after a morning WOD (aprox 7am).  My co-workers think I am nuts, but I refuse to make excuses for myself. 

When the schedule says run, I run and when the schedule says crosstrain, I crossfit.  It is working out very nicely.  I adjust the schedule as needed.  (I rest when I can't run or get to Crossfit610). 

Why am I doing this to myself?  I know that running was my least favorite excercise and I struggle following through with training programs so I figured this was a challenging yet achievable goal for me.   

So for now my first 2012 goal is to successfully complete a 10k, a 10 miler, and a half marathon. 

Stay tuned for more 2012 Goals!!


Ran 3 Miles


Squat Snatch Ladder

Failed at 85lbs

5 Rounds
9 Deadlifts
6 Hang Snatch
3 Overhead Squats

Pick One Weight for all Movements: 55lbs


Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

I hope every body had a SAFE and fun New Year's Eve/ New Year Celebration.  I had a really awesome night with some of my favorite people.  

Got really drunk......

.....and played "Just Dance" for Wii.  (That counts as Cardio, right?)

I was completely useless on Sunday, January 1st, but trust me, I made up for it today. 

At about 11:30am I went to a local park and ran 4 miles and I did it with my best pace yet.  It was super cold out, but I have a race in February that could be super cold, so I might as well get used to running in the cold now.  The park that I ran at was slightly hilly and I only had to walk a couple short times to give my legs a rest. 

After the run I was telling Dennis that when I am running, I'm tired, but not as tired as I am during WODs.  This is a good thing.  Normally I would sell myself short and walk when I "felt" tired, but now, unless I feel like I do during some of the WODs, I refuse to walk.  

Then I attended the 4:15 Crossfit class.  I thought I would be more tired for the WOD, but I felt ok during it.  

3 Rounds
250 Meter Row
10 Push Ups
5 Burpees

6 Rounds
30 Seconds On 2:30 Off
AMRAP Thrusters - 65lbs

5+6+6+7+7+7 = 38

Cash Out:
2 Minutes to find Max Reps of T2B

10 x 2 GHD