Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cherish Court

With my life still in a constant change, I've realized that I need to start cherishing things as they are rather than "getting through" them.  And the sooner you learn that, the better. 

I just got word that I have been offered a full time office position and I will be started said job on June 3rd, or this Monday.  Hooray!  And then my mind went into super crazy worry mode.  

When will I be able to Crossfit / Run / Walk with Shane?
I don't have any work clothes that fit.
We have to get Shane into a daycare ASAP
Will I have time to properly plan my meals?

Literally 100's of worries and questions have been circulating my brains which is amusing to me because right now, as a semi stay at home mom and part time work from homer employee, all I've been worrying about is not making/contributing enough money to the household.  

So the lesson?

1.  I've had a full time job before and I was able to balance work, Crossfit, running, and I'm sure I will be able to add Shane in there :)
2.  Ok, I do have clothes that fit, I just need new ones that look cuter.
3. Not and issue and its basically already taken care of.
4. YES.  If it's important, it will happen.  


I'm starting to realize that nothing in life is going to be perfect and my List of Things to do will be endless.  So I might as well just take a deep breath, and enjoy the situation I am in now.  And now.  And now.  

Right now, as I type, Shane is sleeping.  I'm typing this blog in comfy clothes, and I'm waiting until 11:00am to turn on The Price is Right.  

I am NOT thinking about how I am not making any money at this moment and that the laundry needs to be switched over and the dishes need to be done.  

I'm simply enjoying this moment for what it is.  If I just "get through" the day, I'm going to look back and realized that, congrats, you "got through" life without ever taking the time out to enjoy things. 

Wednesday May 22nd

Ran 2.50 Miles

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I took Sunday and Monday off from running and Crossfit (which I will be paying for later on in the week) so Tuesday I needed to get back on track.  Going forward this is going to be my weekly schedule:

Run + Crossfit
Long Run

The rest day will float depending on my schedule, but the game plan is to Crossfit 4 days a week and run 3 days a week, until I get to week 8 (currently on week 5) and then I will reevaluate the situation.  

I have to laugh at the trainer at Crossfit Capital, she is VERY pregnant and is going to pop any day now.  But don't let that fool you, she is a hard ass!  

Dennis and I have visited multiple boxes in multiple cities (see the list on the side of the  blog) and the neat thing is that each box does things the same, but with their own spin on things.  

The O'Donnell trio showed up for the 5pm class and when the clock struck 5, Preggo Trainer yelled "WARM UP!"  

Crossfit Capital has a designated warm up which usually takes about 15 minutes.  I like that it is structured but you don't have to wait for everybody to start.  The warm up usually starts off with a run or a row, followed by 3 Rounds of 3 movements.  And by the end of the "warm up" I am so warm that I'm dripping.  

The only complaint thus far with the new box, they don't always do a strength before the WOD.  At 610 and SMCF, there would be a strength portion and then a metcon.  Here, there is a warm up, some instruction, then the WOD. 

There are some days that they do a strength portion, and my solution to Dennis was to see if there was a pattern to when they do both strength and WOD and we can go on those days.  Problem solved.  

Warm Up

500 Meter Row

3 Rounds
20 Good Mornings
10 Leg Kicks
10 DB Push Press (20lbs)


12 Deal Lifts
9 Hang Cleans
6 Push Press

10:05 @ 65lbs

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Capital Crossfit

It's been a little less than a month since we've made the move from PA to VA, and we are starting to settle in.  

With me working from home (in addition to watching the little Stinker) I've been able to plow through unpacking and organizing.  Each day I would pick a room and go to town.  Little by little the place is shaping up to an amazing living space.  

Dennis and I agreed that we'd wait a while before we joined another Crossfit Box for multiple reasons.  

1. plain and simple, Money.  With now 3 (yes I said 3) Mortgages, the expenses of moving, and me taking a tremendous pay cut, we weren't sure if we'd be able to afford a membership right away, if at all.  

2.  We wanted to make unpacking and organizing a priority.  When we moved to our house in PA, we waited and waiting to get things done and when the house was just about in the shape we wanted, we were leaving it.  It's a terrible feeling.  So again with my time at home and Dennis getting home at 3:30pm every day (which, by the way, is amazing), we were able to get things organized and we are even at the point of hanging things on the wall!  

3.  Even though we weren't Crossfitting per say, I was really focusing on my running and my walking.  Shane and I have been talking 1 hour walks each day (and I've been averaging about 4 miles per hour) in addition to my training for running.  As my muscles have been withering away, my endurance is up, up, up.  Did I mention in order to enter the condo there is a minimum of 21 stairs?  Carrying Shane, groceries  or whatever up those things has been enough of a WOD for me that this point.  

Then SUPERFIT happened.  

As I posted in my last Blog, Dennis did extremely well despite his training and with him possibly doing well in the finals, well that lit a fire under his ass. 

When we returned home from our epic journey to Morristown, NJ, Dennis contacted our local box to set up a time for us to do a class and possibly join.  That happened yesterday.  

The box is about 15 minutes from our home, which, is nothing new.  The only difference, this box is located in what looks to be a strip mall.  Not what we are used to.  We are used to the typical scary garage/ make shift type of facility.  This box is anything but.  

Dennis and I had a very positive experience at the box and needless to say we were signing on the dotted line to join.  We are super excited to start a new chapter in our Crossfit life with a new home box and community.  

Warm Up:

400 Meter Run

3 Rounds
5 Strict Press (33lbs)
5 Ring Rows
5 Inch Worms


20 Minute Amrap
10 Hang Cleans @ 65lbs
200 Meter Runs

Score: 7+15 @ 53lbs & Box PU

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Restful Terrace

For those of you that don't have the pleasure of knowing my husband Dennis, he's well, let's just call him a loose cannon.  He, when he wants to, can commit to things, train, and do well.  But MOST of the time he commits to things and then for one reason or another doesn't train.  And the bizarre thing?  He will still do well.  It's been a big mystery with him that has been proved at Test Your Metal 2012 and most recently at Superfit 2013.  How would one describe Dennis' training plan for Superfit?  I'd call it "restful."

Now obviously Dennis has a somewhat decent athletic background.  He was active in softball and track, golf, and other athletics and of course more recently his Crossfit training.  

When Dennis gets consumed with Crossfit, he builds the courage and confidence to compete in competitions (something myself has yet to take the plunge into yet) and I simply admire him for that.  The problem?  The months leading up to said competitions, he's commitment fades, or life happens, and the morning of the competition Dennis feels completely unprepared.  

So the story goes, Dennis takes 2.5 weeks off from Crossfit, goes into the competition with doubt and comes out at the bottom, right?  WRONG.  

Dennis did really well.  Probably better than I've ever seen him do in a CF competition.  But how could this be?  And I kept asking myself this, how does he do it?  The answer. 

Rest and Recovery.  

Whether it was accidental or intentional, Dennis was giving his body (ample) time to rest and recover from all the abuse he was doing to it during his normal training.  Now I'd agree that 2.5 weeks was about 1.5 weeks too many, but there is something to be said about it.  

How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for competitions?  Anybody else have the "Dennis System" theory?  Post to Comments.