Sunday, July 7, 2013

SuperFit 2013

In my blog hiatus, I played the role of supportive wife to Reformed Fatty at SuperFit Qualifiers and then at SuperFit Championships, and let me tell you, spectating and being the supporter is exhausting!  

The SMCF team did exceptionally well in the Qualifiers, sending 2 girls and 8 guys to the finals (including Dennis) and even though nobody placed in the Championship, everybody gave it all they had.  

Every time I've played the supportive role to Dennis or to any Crossfitter friend, I've always felt so envious of those competing in these types of competitions.  I have no problem doing the Open every year, knowing very well that I will not (nor ever) qualify to regional's and even though I do feel slight anxiety with my running races, I've never had the "guts" (no pun intended) to do a Crossfit competition.

I hope, someday, I muster up the confidence to put myself out there as these athletes do and see how I rank.  Until then, I will reap the benefits of being a spectator:

1.  Nicks Sticks:  These sticks of Beef or Turkey are really good.  They were a sponsor at Superfit and lucky for me, wanted to unload all their samples at the end of the competition.  They are a perfect protein snack, at about 2 ounces per package, are easy for Zone Blocks / Paleo eating.  Once I run out of free samples, I may have to place and order and they have subscription delivery so you can have then delivered to your door on a monthly basis!

2.  Phase III Recovery:  I've always had an issue finding a protein shake that tastes good.  I had good luck with Arbonne's Chocolate Protein (YUM) and even though it seems expensive, I was able to get it at a discount.  At SuperFit, Phase III Recovery was handing out their newest product and it. is. amazing.  The only issue?  Way too expensive to buy.  Once my stash that I was able to get runs out, I will not be buying this unless the price comes down, which is a shame because it is like drinking a delicious chocolate drink.   

and for the final/best benefit of being at the SuperFit 2013:

Meeting / Photo Opp with Kenny from The Real World

In all seriousness, congrats to all that participated from SMCF!

Vacation Place

I almost feel bashful for writing a blog since it's been so long and you may think that I've been on vacation, but for those of you who like "Digital Mustard" on facebook, you would know that I have been keeping active. 

After I turned 30 I felt really sad that I still hadn't run a half marathon and with me still trying to lose my baby weight, I thought it would be a good time for me to start my training back up. (Not to mention my 200 Mile Relay Race in Florida in February!)

I turned to the Hal Higdon training programs that I've had success with before. 

Since my last blog entry, I've completed a 5k (where I set a new PR!) and in a few weeks I will be running a 10k.  Soon I will be signing up for 10 Miler and hopefully soon after that, a half, and dare I say...a full marathon?  

Training has been less than easy (but honestly, when is it ever easy?) and I am still challenged by eating right.  However, with the efforts that I have been consistently putting in, I am happy to report I have lost all but a few pounds of the weight I gained with the pregnancy.  

I am so happy about that accomplishment   Shane is 8 months today, and I am super proud that I lost the weight in less than a year.

I know that once I really commit to eating clean, in addition to the running/Crossfit training, I will lose even more and eventually get to where I want to be physically.

Hopefully I can also find the time to blog again, I miss it, and hopefully my readers missed it too!