Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Aha Moment"

I know its only been 3 days back at Crossfit (thursday, saturday, and yesterday) but I already feel like a new person. 

I was on the fence about doing the strength (which was back squats) but I hadn't moved a bar in weeks and I thought I'd give it a try.  I started off with just the 35lb bar and did sets of 10 working my way up to 65lbs (the weight I'm supposed to stay at while pregnant). 

Just having the bar on my back and going through the movements was enough empowerment to keep me wanting more.  I know it sounds so stupid, but I felt so accomplished, even after only "maxing" out at 65lbs.  (BTW my 1 rep max is some where close to my body weight, 155ish.)

After the strength we had the WOD which was:

2 Sets of:

Run 1000 Meters
40 Hard Release Push Ups
8 minute cap

First round I got through 21 HRPU and the Secound round I only got through 15ish.  Not horrible, but not super fantastic. 

Cash out included 50 ring rows with a 5 minute cap, and I completed them in 4 minutes and 30 secounds.  I was completely spent. 

I left the gym feeling accomplished, fatigued, and just really proud of myself.  Crossfit has become such a big part of my life, and without it, I was basically a big bowl of mush.  (Physically and Mentally).  And since I have adjusted my bed time from 7pm to about 10:30pm, and added Crossfit back in, I've been sleeping better and now when I feel tired, I know it's because I've physcially exhausted myself at the box, not just sitting at work feeling sorry for myself. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby Steps!

I am so happy to report that Thursday and Saturday of this past week, I finally worked out!

Even though after being at work all day, I'm exhausted and want to rest, I know that in order to improve my sleeping habbits, I need to get back into WODing.  

I picked Thursday to start back because it was a "Recovery" WOD which means that it's not for time and typically it's more cardio based rather than strength.

The WOD was:
50 Wall Balls (10lbs)
60 Double Unders
800 Meter Run
30 Push Ups
40 Ab Matt Sit ups

Because I am not allowed to do sit ups anymore, I replaced them with Kettlebell Swings. 

Doing the WOD was both good and bad.  It was good to get back to it and get my heart rate going.  After the WOD I felt so happy that I chose to go, but during the WOD my ego was getting more and more hurt. 

I struggled through the work out.  I was slow, I had to walk, and when I needed to rest, I rested.  But I finished.  I know that going slow, scaling the WODs and resting is what is best for myself and baby, but its mentally hard to finish last.  

Saturday I went to the WOD expecting it to be a partner work out, but with an odd amount of people I was doing it as a single.  (Baby doesn't quite count as a partner just yet).  

AMRAP in 20 Minutes

5 box jump burpees
5 pull ups
I did 50 BJ Burpees & 50 Pull ups.  
Pre baby I was VERY close to getting an unassisted pull up, but with baby aka my 10lb weight vest, I had to scale down to the purple band.

Not going to lie, the WOD sucked and I wanted to quit, but the way I feel after makes it all worth while.  I'm excited that I got 2 WODs in this week and this upcoming week I am hoping for 3.  

I hope everybody had an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No WOD Guilt

I've been putting off blogging for weeks now, but not without guilt.  Guilt for not blogging and guilt for not having anything really to blog about. 
Becoming pregnant has become THE BIGGEST change I've ever gone through and keeping up my lifestyle in addition to being pregnant has proven to be impossible. 

Since my schedule is basically recover from the weekend, work, sleep, and eat, working out hasn't been in the mix.  And every morning I wake up and mentally debate about my growing stomach, is it bump or is it just the result of me not WODing anymore? 

Since now I'm in the 2nd trimester, I'm not feeling as sick anymore, but I just cannot shake the feeling of being tired.  I get done from work, head home, eat something small and then fall asleep.  Only to be plauged with dreams every night that wake me multiple times a night.  Keeping me on this horrific cycle of being tired. 

One nice thing about life right now, is our home construction is finally finished.  Our nursery and bedroom have been redone and are both livable.  Huge improvment from sleeping on the futon. 

I was really hopeful to get back to the box this week, and there is still hope.  I've decided that on Thursdays and Saturday I WOD, and then add at least 2 - 3 days in the pool at 24/7. 

I can't go back, I can only move forward and that is the goal.  Tomorrow recovery WOD, possibly some activity Friday, WOD Saturday, and hopefuly that will gett things rolling for me once again!