Weight Stats

Back Squat: 175lbs (MY THIRD TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Bear Complex: 45lbs

Box Jumps: 24 Inches (RX+)

Clean & Jerk: 130lbs (MY FOURTH TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Deadlift: 225lbs  (MY FIRST TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Double Unders: 30

Floor Wipers: 45lbs

Front Squats: 155lbs (MY FIFTH TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Hang Clean: 95lbs pp*

Hanging Squat Snatch: 55lbs (3 Rep Max)

Kettlebell: 1.5 Pood (22 max swings unbroken)

Lower Back Squats: 135lbs (MY EIGTH TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Over Head Squats: 100lbs

Power Clean: 115lbs (MY SIXTH TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Power Snatch: 75lbs

Pull Ups: 6 Unassisted

Push Press: 125lbs pp*

Ring Dips: 1

Shoulder Press: 85lbs

Shoulder to Overhead: 120lbs pp*  (MY NINETH TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Snatch Balance: 65lbs

Split Jerk: 120lbs   (MY SECOND TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Squat Clean: 105lbs (MY SEVENTH TRIPLE DIGIT!)

Squat Snatch: 75lbs

Stone to Shoulder: 45lbs

Sumo Deadlift High Pull: 75lbs

Thruster: 65lbs

Turkish Get Up: 15lbs

Wall Ball: 14lbs

500 Meter Row: 01:49:4

1,000 Meter Row: 04:18:0

2,000 Meter Row: 08:17:5 (7 Second PR)

5,000 Meter Row: 22:12:1

1 Mile: 7:59

5K:   27:17 (pp*)

10K: 57:48

10 Miler:  1:37:00  (21 minute PR!)

Half Marathon: 2:19:16

100 Mile Bike Ride: 8 Hours

* Post Pregnancy