Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Latest Updates

Since my last blog post, not too much has changed for me as far as my activity level.  I  celebrated my 33rd birthday in style and Dennis did everything in his power to make all my birthday wishes come true.  Birthday wishes included Moe's Catering, an Ice Luge, and a Human Pyramid.  It was a really fun day!  Thanks to all that came to celebrate!!

The following weekend Dennis went to Boston for a bachelor party and he was able to drop in at Crossfit Fenway where our Original Crossfit Coaches are now at.  I was SO happy/jealous that Dennis got to see Mike and Molly!!!  He said they were both doing well, getting ready for regionals (and hopefully the games) and that taking a class with Mike was just like the good ole days at 610.  Sigh.  

Since my 10k race, I've been true to my running schedule and just banging out the miles.  Here are examples of two of my longer runs:

The distances are getting pretty challenging but as you can see from my pace, I am handling them quite well.  I'm starting to really learn "how" I run and what I need to do to manage the longer runs.  If I start off too fast, forget it.  I'm still standing by the fact that my heart is my natural metronome and keeps me on a strong solid pace.  My goal is to beat my previous 10 Mile time which is 1:37 which is a 21 PR from the last time I ran a 10 Miler.  Hopefully if I keep the same paces that I've been doing on my practice runs, it shouldn't be an issue.  

Another highlight of this month is that I finally went shopping for new clothes that fit and the difference is quite amazing.  I've never felt more confident and sexy in my entire life.

With that said, I've worked so hard for this.  So far in 2016 I've logged over 150 miles ran, 50 miles biked to work, leisure rides with kids in tow, Monthly rowing challenges, and my commitment to Crossfit (at least 3 WODs per week, but typically more like 4-5) with some very specific dieting has lead me to my success.  It's a lot.  It's hard to manage, it's hard to plan ahead, and it's hard to be true, but I am determined and with Dennis as my biggest supporter, I think I can push through.  


I have 1.5 weeks left until my 10 mile race in Baltimore and I have to admit I'm starting to get slightly nervous, but as long as I keep to the path I'm on, I know I will do great.  

A few other highlights since my last blog was that Dennis and I participated in DC's annual bike to work day!  After about a month of rain, we had gorgeous weather and were able to finally enjoy this event.  If you are able, I highly recommend doing it!

Besides my 10 mile race coming up, I am also looking forward to Memorial Day weekend where we traditionally do the Murph WOD.  Dennis will be doing it with a vest this year (swoon) and I am aiming to do all the Pull Ups RX'd finally!  It will kill my time, but I think it's completely worth the bragging rights!