Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crossfit Games 2012 WOD 12.3

After 12.3 was announced, I realized we were getting into the "meat" of the WODs.  The first two WODs were 1 movement WODS, one testing endurance and one testing strength.  12.3 was combining those two skills.

18 Minutes AMRAP
15 Box Jumpes (20in)
12 Push Press (75lbs)
9 Toes 2 Bar

First thought: YES, I can do this RX'ed!!

The good news (at the very least) was that I can do all of the above movements without having to scale.  Which gets me on the board.  I was thanking the Crossfit WOD Gods.  Then I really looked at the WOD and was cursing them in my next breath. 

18 minutes of work is no joke.  

I decided to take a rest day on Thursday to prepare my body for 12.3.  I also wanted to get the WOD in early, so I was going to be doing it at 6am (btw this is the 2nd WOD I've done for the games at 6am).  Reformed Fatty (aka my amazing husband) said he would come with me to spectate and keep an eye on me if I needed cheering on.  He also took some amazing pictures!

With my stomach in knots I partnered up with Kate and some how I convinced her to go first.  She is a beast!  She did so well, I was so proud of her.  She kept a great pace, hardly rested, and kept pushing through the rounds.  I was so proud of her!

Then it was my turn.  Got through the box jumps no prob and then when I started the push press' I mentally got nervous.  They were heavier than I expected and had to break them up into 6 and 6.  Onto the t2b.  I attemped and fail.  Attmpted and failed again, and shit now I was worried.  I called over Dennis and he talked me right back into the WOD.  BOOM!  I strung 9 together!

I finished the workout with a score of 4+11, which was pretty lame, but it was the best I could do at that moment.  I had the chance to redo the WOD on Saturday, but I chose not to.  So far I have not redone any of the Games WODs.  

I did watch lots of people do the WOD Saturday and the energy is completely out of this world.  People are working, cheering, and pushing each other and themselves to whole new levels.  It's an amazing atmosphere!  

So now that 12.3 is in the past, I sit here in suspense to see what 12.4 holds!


Rest Day


12.3 WOD
15 BJ (20)
12 Push Press (12)
9 T2B


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  1. That workout was no joke! You did awesome!
    Lynne :)