Friday, March 2, 2012

Crossfit Games 2012 WOD 12.2

With my competitors cherry popped last week with 12.1, it was time to do the 12.2 WOD last night, and I was slightly LESS nervous than last week, simply because I already had one under my belt. 

I literally spent all day yesterday trying to come up with a goal, but for some reason I couldn't decide.  I didn't want to say 61 and then only be able to do 40, but I didn't want to say 40 and blow past it.  So I basically didn't decide on a goal.  Fine, no big deal.

We got to the gym and there was a bar set up for 75lbs, so I figured I'd do a couple test Snatches.  75lbs is the 2nd round of 30 in the WOD and I knew that I had done a previous Snatch WOD with a weight of 70lbs.  I tried to Snatch, and I failed.  Talk about an ego blow.  Granted I wasn't warmed up, but still, 75lbs was heavier than I had expected and I suddenly became very afraid of the WOD. 


I was able to easily Snatch the 45lb bar.  I would do 10 reps, shake it out for about 3 seconds, 10 reps, shake it out, 10 reps, shake it out and then prep the bar for the next set of 30 @ 75lbs.  I was done with my 1st 30 reps in about 2.5 minutes. 

Now the hard part.

 I was able to get 21 good reps in before my time expired, but I think that I had at least 5 failing reps.  I really wish that I could have gotten to 60 total (rather than 51 reps) and that was the moment when I knew I would be repeating the WOD on Sunday. 

Dennis and Courtney were watching/judging me and they were awesome!  Both of them kept yelling/encouraging me to keep moving or to shake it out, or whatever it was that they thought I needed to hear. 

All and all I need to be happy that I got 21 reps of the 75lbs Snatch but deep down I'm still disappointed I couldn't finish up the round.  My shoulders are quite sore this morning, but hopefully they will be recovered for Sunday's redo. 

10 Minute AMRAP
30 Snatches @ 45lbs
30 Snatches @ 75lbs
30 Snatches @ 100lbs
As Many Snatches @ 125lbs

Score = 51

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