Tuesday, August 9, 2016

4th of July Weekend

With no travel plans (pretty sure we were still recovering from our vacation) Dennis and I had a 3 day weekend to get our fitness/eating back on track.  Even though we worked out some in Myrtle Beach, we still felt as if we had fallen off our normal schedule and routine.  

We started of with a normal Saturday Community WOD followed by our new tradition of going out to eat/drink beer afterwards.  Hahaha, so healthy! 

Sunday was the day I started my swim practicing and I wasn't really sure what to expect as far as my ability to swim.  I started off with a 400 meter and I was pretty much out of breath and sweating.  Not the best sign.  

I decided to swim a 400, a 200 with kick board, 400, 200 with only arms, and then one final 400.  It ended up being about an hour work out and it gave me a good idea of what I needed to get to before the upcoming triathlon.  

The next day was Monday (July 4th) and since there was no programmed WOD, Dennis and I decided to take advantage of the child care and putz around in the box.  My objective was to complete a 10,000 Meter Row (for the Rowing Club) and Dennis was going to work on his Jerk.  

I've never rowed a 10k before, only a 5k and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I asked Dennis to put on Britney's album and to blast it while I rowed.  3..2..1..GO!  I was off.  I knew I didn't want to stop to take any breaks so I kept my pace around slower than normal, but aimed to keep it pretty steady.  

I kinda zoned in and out of rowing, singing to the songs when I had the breath and just trying to stay steady.  Which I did.  The weirdest thing was the sweat.  I was sweating like crazy.  My legs, my arms, my face.  The other issue I was having was my grip.  I had to keep readjusting because of my grip and the sweat and towards the end I could feel the blisters forming.  

But I survived and it felt pretty good.  I was happy to have completed it and my time wasn't too bad.  Just over 45 minutes and now I had a new time to beat.  

After our little work out, we went home and got ready to celebrate Independence day in Leesburg.  The weather was kinda MEH but a few friends met us out and we ended up having a really good time.

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!  I am once again so happy with where I am and all the amazing people I've met along the way.  Keep the good times coming!

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